HAIM @ FYF by Adi Putra

that is a prime job, bread 4 dayz

im gonna have a side business selling the bread i get for free for crazy prices 

wtf you’re such a liar you’re gonna be selling weed

val, the police could be lurking everywhere, hush hush 

wait, more important, why do you have a black eye? you ok?

marissa punched me in the face because i reblogged a picture of este this one time :/

Whats gonna be your new job? :D

im gonna sell cake and bread to unsuspecting customers 


ESTE HAIM: Jill Stuart dress.


Jill Stuart dress.

underrated HAIM lyrics from Days Are Gone (2013)


Who would you like too cover Haim tunes? I kind of want to see Depeche Mode cover Forever.

that could be cool! 

you see I really struggle with liking people’s covers especially of haim so it would need to be so different. I defo think Banks should give covering one of their songs a go tho. 

I have a feeling Danielle's been hiding in some basement all this time, alone, wearing the Hawaii shirt so that no one can post new pictures of her wearing it and no one can make fun of hear about that.

you know that she wears it to bed every night right … 

Live In Levi’s® Event in NYC - feat. HAIM + Sleigh Bells